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UENP (State University of Northern Paraná) was founded in September of 2006, located in three cities: Bandeirantes,  Cornélio Procópio and Jacarezinho. The university has grown strongly because of its history and integration of five traditional colleges, with more than 50 years of experience and excellence in teaching, beyond the responsibility of contributing to the development of Paraná State and Brazil.

In its natural course of expansion of boundaries, UENP has became an important partner to lead innovative researches, which highlight with merits in reference in all the active areas. The teaching, research and outreach services as important areas to the community, UENP is closely linked to the ideals of development around the region, considering that the science and the knowledge are geographically unlimited.

The heritage of the old colleges of Philosophy, Sciences, Language and Literature of Jacarezinho (FAFIJA), Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy of Jacarezinho (FAEFIJA), Law Faculty of the Northern Pioneer (FUNDINOPI); Luiz Meneghel Faculty Foundation (FFALM) and Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, Language and Literature of Cornélio Procópio (FAFICOP), all of those originated UENP. There are 27 undergraduate courses, six Master’s degrees, Legal Science (PPGCJ), Agronomy (PPAGRO), Teaching (PPGEN), Education (PPED), Language and Literature (PROFLETRAS) and Human Movement Sciences (PPGCMH) and a doctorate course in Legal Science, in addition to graduation and post-graduation distance courses.

The university physical structure is composed by more than 60 laboratories, five libraries, Veterinary Hospital, Physiotherapy Clinics, of Dentistry and Nursing, Office for Free Legal Aid, School Farm, Toy Libraries, auditoriums, classrooms and University Park of Science and Culture and Innovation, with spaces to sport practices, beyond cultural actions and leisure.

UENP has a mission of acting in the production of scientific knowledge in several ways and in the regional development process and in Paraná State, participating actively in the integral construction work and of their citizens.  When we search for an improvement of life quality, the University promotes a democracy, the citizenship and the socioeconomic development through the valuation and socialization of the knowledge historically built and constituted.

Glimpsing a huge horizon to the University in the research area, the current administration of UENP has worked with high quality to the process of an embracing internationalization, trying to plan the Institution in new horizons in the academic world. To face the challenges, UENP, always guided by ethics and social commitment, use, as important tools, the setting priorities, the planning, the collective and responsible work and the frequent evaluation about its results.