FAUBAI - Brazilian Association for International Education was created in 1988 and includes managers and international affairs officers of Brazilian higher education institutions.

It has more than 210 Associated Institutions, public and private, of all kinds and regions of Brazil.

FAUBAI acts in the enlargement of the internationalization process of the Brazilian higher education institutions, to promote the Brazilian education system abroad and professional training of their associated members.

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INILATmov+ project belongs to Iniciative Latinoamericana para la Internacionalización de la Educación Superior (INILAT), composed by  six countries in the region and their internationalization networks -  Argentina (FIESA-REDCIUN), Brazil (FAUBAI), Chile (Learn Chile), Colombia (RCI-ASCUN), Mexico (AMPEI) and Peru (REDIPERÚ). 

It is about a program which promotes a virtual and in person mobility with undergraduate and postgraduate students, and to promote as well the teaching collaboration among the institutions which compose  INILAT. UENP has adhered to the program since the beginning and including some students, have already accomplished virtual mobility within the scope of INILATmov+.