Centro Internacional de Idiomas


The International Language Center (CII) is an extension program at UENP, linked to International Relations Coordination (CRI). It offers in-person, online and hybrid language courses for the internal community (professors, students and university agents) and the external community.

 Opened in 2017, CII has offered Spanish, French, English, Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS), Japanese and Portuguese courses. These courses are offered twice a year, in the beginning of each semester. The language instructors are selected by an accreditation process which consists of teaching evaluations and experience in the area. The applications to the regular language courses are open every six months and published in the official page and in the program social media.

 CII has developed a strategic role in the implementation and support to the teaching, research and extension activities which contribute to the internationalization at UENP and enable the contact between the internal and external communities with training contexts in additional languages. Other activities promoted are: provision of translation service, elaboration and application of proficiency exams and text review, academic and cultural events, among others. The Center also sets up itself as an internship field to Language course students at UENP and as initial and continued training context for language teachers. 



Located administratively at UENP Rectory, the Center includes a structure with classrooms, eating space, auditoriums, computer laboratories and living spaces at Centro de Letras, Comunicação e Artes (CLCA - Jacarezinho).

 At CLCA, in Jacarezinho, formerly, in-person classes in CII were held in two classrooms equipped with multimedia projector, chalkboard, air conditioner and classrooms with 40 seats, besides the assistance to students and instructors takes place in the CII Secretary’s own space, at the same address.

 At CLCA, in Cornélio Procópio, also formerly, CII lessons were held at Language Nucleus (NULIN),which has a classroom equipped with multimedia projector (television and projector), two computers, air conditioner and classrooms with 40 seats,. Besides, there is an own space called Secretary of UENP International Language Center for public service and it is located in the same room (NULIN).

 Nowadays, some tools such as Google Meet (for synchronous classes) and Google Classroom (for asynchronous classes) are used for online courses. To participate in this course modality , students need to have access to the

internet and computer. If there is a possibility for in-person courses, they are available in the classrooms located in their centers.


Main goal

International Language Center has, as its general goal, promoting the relation among language, speech, culture, and society, respecting the plurality and the diversity through linguistic learning and improvement of an additional language, attending the international and intercultural dimensions.


Specific goals

  • To offer short and long time courses in different languages and proficiency levels;

  • To develop teaching, research and extension activities;

  • To dialogue and articulate actions with Supervised Internship areas in Language Course;

  • To offer services concerning the translation and text review;

  • To establish partnership among consulates and embassies;

  • To receive foreign language students and teachers to act as a visiting scholar and teacher, respectively;

  • To contribute to the internationalization process at UENP.