bandeira portugal


Universidade do Porto

Validity: 5 years

Period: 04/2021 to 04/2026

Aim: To carry out researches in specific areas; to promote the exchange of students and professors from both universities, with the aim to get professional and academic qualifications; participation in applications to international programs, aiming to strengthen cooperation relationships regarding students, investigators and professors mobility; the promotion, execution and divulgation of studies, projects , researches and other activities; organizations and development of seminars, meetings, conferences, panels and others; to facilitate the conditions to the exchange of scientific journals, works and results, which are essential to the development joint researches.


Universidade de Coimbra

Validity: 5 years

Period: 03/2021 to 03/2026

Aim: The agreement has, as its main goal, the establishment of academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between UC and UENP and the exchange of students, professors and technical staff; mutual participation in seminars, colloquia, conferences, conventions and other academic events; elaboration of research activities; cultural exchange activities; mutual participation in international courses; other activities.


Universidade do Minho

Validity: 5 years

Period: 04/2019 to 04/2024

Aim: Collaboration in areas of common interest, contributing to the development and transfer of knowledge, and with the intention to establish academic, scientific and technical cooperation programs, through development and collaboration in activities related to academic interchange of students; interchange of professors, researchers and university agents; joint research and publication in international scientific journals; setting of agreements for joint supervision of thesis; extension projects or projects which aim interaction with the society; joint organization of conferences, workshops and/or other scientific events.

Other documents: First amendment to the Cooperation Protocol - agreed between the Postgraduate Program in Teaching  (PPGEN-CCHE/CCP) from Uenp and the Education Institute of Minho’s University.

Second amendment to the Cooperation Protocol - agreed between the Postgraduate Program in Teaching  (PPGEN-CCHE/CCP) and Professional Master’s Program in Languages (PROFLetras-CLCA/CCP) and the Education Institute of Minho’s University. Validity from 02/2023 to 02/2028.



Egas Moniz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior

Validity: 5 years

Period: 05/2019 to 05/2024

Aim: Development of courses and academic Programs; Interchange of academic staff and investigators for teaching and research purposes; Interchange of students for training and internship purposes; Mutual assistance for students and academic staff in visit; Coordination of activities as mutual investigation and lectures; Sharing of information, investigation material, publications, and information about themes of mutual interest; Other activities which benefit both institutions.


Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa

Validity: Undefined

Beginning: 04/2010

Aim: To institute exchange procedures in the areas of undergraduate studies and graduate studies; professors; Joint guardians of doctoral theses; Post doctoral; to develop together projects and programs of research and teaching, in order to accomplish the academic events, in the exchange of publications and in the integration of inter-university networks.