bandeira mexico


Instituto de Altos Estudos Jurídicos de Jalisco

Validity: Not defined 

Beginning: 09/2016

Aim: To promote individual and group capacitation, the investigation, the study and the teaching of Law, and to take part in its thematic diffusion; to promote exchanges of academic and operational support for the development of their activities in Law. 


Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Validity: 5 years

Period: 02/2017 to 02/2022

Aim: To strengthen teaching activities, the development of investigation projects and international bonds in common interest subjects; students exchange; professors exchange; attendance in conferences, symposiums, seminars and academic meetings; collaboration in investigation projects; exchange of publication, reports and other academic information; collaboration in professional development and other activities mutually agreed.


Universidade de Guadalajara

Validity: 5 years

Period: 06/2018 to 06/2023

Aim: Both parts agree that they will be able to carry out cooperation actions in the following areas: exchange of academic staff; development of research projects; create and organize courses, conferences, symposiums, updating and formation programs among others which bring academic, scientific and cultural benefit for both parts; exchange of publications and other materials of mutual interest; other areas agreed between the parts.


Universidade de Quintana Roo

Validity: 3 years

Period: 08/2021 to 08/2024

Aim: Exchange of professors and members of the research team for conferences, seminars, classes, conventions, joint research programs, training courses, participation in degree and thesis committees; students exchange; exchange of postgraduate students to attend conferences and seminars, to carry out research work required in order to finish dissertations and thesis; interchange of administrative staff for professional development in the management of international study programs; implementation of education, research and extension; projects; organization of conferences and symposiums; exchange of publications, scientific information and relevant material for specific fields which are included in this agreement and any other subject which is considered to be relevant for both parts; promotion of educational and cultural activities for research employees, technicians and students.


Universidade UGMSUR SC/UGMEX

Validity: 5 years

Period: 05/2022 a 05/2027

Aim: The universities agree to promote cooperation in mutual interest areas through the exchange of professors and members of the research staff, university agents and students, implementation of education, research and extension projects, organization of lectures and symposiums, exchange of information and academic publications, such as conventions, colloquia, seminars and the development of educational and cultural activities for research members, university agents and students.