The United States of America



Westcliff University

Validity: 5 years

Period: 04/2023 to 04/2028

Aim: Cooperation agreement to establish a mutual comprehension between academic and educational cooperation. They agree to develop the following collaborative activities in common knowledge areas: Student and staff exchange; Joint research; Joint seminars and conferences; Resources and facilities exchange; Joint publications.


Purdue University

Validity: 5 years

Period: 06/2019 to 06/2024

Aim: Letter of Intentions between Veterinary Medicine from both the institutions, predicting international academic cooperation in the education materials exchange, research and extension, academic publications, conference and workshops organizations, webinars and online courses, exchange including graduation and postgraduate students and researchers, joint researches and meetings about education, research and extension, scientific technical assistance, among others.


University of Arizona

Validity: 5 years

Períod: 11/2018 to 11/2023

Aim: To facilitate and improve the cooperation in research, academic and managerial members in mutual interest areas by the following ways of collaboration: Short term exchanges between professors and college students, and according to financing and specific circumstances, long term visits; collaborative research projects development including the development of formal proposals about these financial projects; collaborative learning and teaching development, and joint educational programs; and other activities of mutual benefit.