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The Student Visa (Temporary Visa IV / VITEM IV) may be granted up to 365 days in Brazil for students accepted or enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate courses recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in Brazil. The VITEM IV beneficiaries may not have employment in Brazil. The documentation required for the visa application depends on the country of origin of applicant. Consulte the station with the nearest consular office to find out what the requirements are for your general country. In general the requested documentation includes at least:

  • Completed and signed form in duplicate;
  • Passport;
  • Declaration of the Establishment of Brazilian education attesting that the person concerned has been accepted or is enrolled in the desired course;
  • Financial Responsibility Statement issued by the responsible body, when stock market, or by the person responsible for the student;
  • Parental consent if under age;
  • Certificate of good report;
  • Proof of means of transport entry and exit from national territory;
  • Further information can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Portal Justice;

The VITEM IV can be extended for periods of 365 days, until the end of the course, upon request submitted to the Federal Police agency closest to the site de residência until 30 days before the expiry

  • Application itself, duly signed by the person concerned;
  • School performance test and proof of enrollment by da Instituição declaration of Higher Education;
  • Notarized copy of temporary registration (for foreign identity card)
  • Clear and complete certified copy of the passport (including the blank pages) or the travel document used;
  • Proof of means of subsistence during their stay in Brazil;
  • Proof of payment of GRU / FUNAPOL rate.

Other documents may be required when deemed necessary. See where are located the units of the Federal Police of Brazil.