It is the largest network of Ibero-American university collaboration formed by 1,290 HEIs in 23 countries.

From the partnership established between the UENP and the Universia network, UENP offers an access link to the network Portal which has around 1,290 partner universities in 23 Latin American countries, connecting 16.8 million college students and teachers to offer a common space of knowledge exchange and cooperation, boosting projects with universities, businesses and students and meeting the needs préuniversitários, students, postgraduate students and teachers.

The Portal is accessed by 1.5 million unique users per month, which brings great visibility to UENP. It also enables the teachers and students access to exclusive content such as free books, career opportunities, scholarships and various news relevant content.

The partnership also guarantees free access to more than 1,000 books for free downnload, learning several languages ​​in online courses, scholarships with open enrollment and many other benefits.


Iberoamerican Program

The Ibero-American Scholarship Program for Graduate Students Santander Universities has the general objective to contribute, through the exchange of graduate students from Brazilian universities, Portuguese, Spanish, Argentine, Chilean, Colombian, Mexican, Peruvian, and Uruguayan portoriquenhas to increase the quality of training of students of educational institutions participating.


The program has as objectives:

• Allow Brazilian students the opportunity to establish and develop relationships with renowned institutions of higher education located in Ibero countries


• Encourage contact compreendendoo foreign cultures as an instrument of intellectual training of students involved;

• Complement the training of Brazilian students (as), giving them the opportunity to experience educational experiences focused on quality, entrepreneurship,

competitiveness and innovation;

• Encourage internationalization initiatives of Brazilian universities.